The Smart Agency

Giving Voice to Real Estate and Financial Communications

The Smart Agency, an emerging leader in the southern California public relations community, came to us at a pivotal moment in their journey. Following the acquisition and renaming of an established agency, they faced the critical task of giving voice to a new name.

The challenge was to craft a visual identity that would not only resonate with their legacy but propel them into a future characterized by simple, smart, effective communications. The goal was to create an iconic visual language reflecting their commitment to clarity and bravery in every breath.

Embracing The Smart Agency's ethos of simplicity and service, we developed a visual identity that speaks to the heart of their brand. Grounded in a strong typographic voice, we introduced the iconic Smart ‘S’ monogram as the cornerstone of the system—encapsulating the agency’s belief that clear and effective communication is a two way conversation.

From the foundational 'S' monogram, we expanded the concept into a bespoke alphabet, allowing for captivating expressions of the brand. The letters are monospaced, modular, and allow for dynamic animations states.

In our photography, buildings stand as icons, captured through a lens that elevates their architectural geometries and the stories they embody. Our portraits of people reveal the energy and collaboration that animate these spaces, highlighting moments of connection within the corporate world. Together, these images showcase The Smart Agency's commitment to blending clarity and creativity in the real estate and financial industries.

The result is a visual identity that embodies their mission to transform the commercial real estate sector through clear, impactful communication and social responsibility. Our design reflects the agency's dedication to simplicity, innovation, and fostering meaningful industry dialogues. This identity not only highlights their commitment to advancing the built environment and deepening social impact but also positions them as pioneers in nurturing the future's leading communicators.

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